How to Check SSS Contributions Online

The Social Security System (SSS) provides Filipino workers with financial security in times of need. To qualify for benefits like loans, pensions, and insurance, members must diligently monitor their contributions. This guide will walk you through the process of checking your SSS payments online.

Why You Should Regularly Check Your Contributions

Monitoring contributions ensures you are eligible for SSS benefits when you need them most. Here are some key reasons to check often:

  • Verify your employer is remitting the right amounts on time. Late or short payments can impact your eligibility.
  • Catch any mistakes early as a self-employed or voluntary member so you can correct them.
  • Qualify for loans and claims by meeting minimum monthly contribution requirements.
  • Avoid penalties from lapses in payments if unemployed or shifting jobs.
  • Ensure funds are being deposited correctly into retirement savings accounts like WISP.

Gaining Access to View Your Contributions

You’ll need to register for online access to view payment details:

  • Visit and click “Register” to open a MySSS account. Provide personal details like SSS number.
  • If you have login issues, use “Forgot User ID/Password” on the login page for help. Retrieve details sent to your email.
  • Download the SSS mobile app and register with your MySSS credentials. Provides access on-the-go.
  • Sign up for SSS Text Service by texting SSS REG to 2600 and get a PIN for SMS contribution checks.

Checking Monthly Contributions from Current or Past Jobs

Once logged into your MySSS portal:

  • Go to “Inquiry” then select “Contributions” to see payment history.
  • Choose “Monthly Contributions” tab and view contributions by month for regular employed members.
  • Scan for any missed contributions and follow up with HR department or SSS.
  • See total contributions displayed, total amount paid in, and more summary details.
  • Print or save monthly contribution records for personal reference.

Monitoring Payments as a Voluntary Member

Voluntary members can verify payments made under “SE/VM Contributions”:

  • Tab shows total SSS and Medicare amounts paid and number of payments.
  • Match amounts to what you intended to contribute as a self-employed or non-working member.
  • Look for billing issues that need to be fixed by generating new PRNs.
  • Non-working spouse can monitor voluntary payments here.

Checking Your WISP Contributions

The WISP program provides retirement savings for employed, self-employed and OFW members.

  • Go to “WISP” tab to see current year contributions and investment income.
  • Verify fixed monthly pension amounts match program requirements.
  • Retirement savings contributions appear here once account hits ₱20k monthly salary credit.
  • “WISP Plus” shows any other voluntary retirement savings contributions.

When to Take Action

  • Report employer not remitting contributions to SSS branch. Failure to pay is punishable by fines or imprisonment.
  • Follow up on incorrect or delayed contributions reflected in your account.
  • Generate a PRN to pay any missed contributions immediately as a voluntary member.
  • Contribute as a self-employed member if you lost your job to avoid gaps.
  • Email helpdesk for issues with posted contributions as a voluntary member.

Checking your SSS payments regularly ensures you receive the maximum benefits you’ve earned when you need them. Monitor contributions online to avoid eligibility issues.

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