SSS Text Inquiry: Check Your SSS Contributions Via SMS

Have you ever needed information from the Social Security System (SSS) but didn’t have the time to log into your account online? We’ve all been there – trying to squeeze errands into a busy day. Thankfully, the SSS offers a handy text inquiry service that lets you check things like your payment reference number, contribution status, and more in just a few seconds using SMS.

How To Register For SSS Text Inquiry

Registering for the text inquiry service only takes a moment. Just text:

SSS REG <SS Number> <Birthday MM/DD/YYYY> to 2600

For example:

SSS REG 1234567890 07/01/1980

You’ll get a reply text with a personal identification number (PIN). Save this – you’ll need it later for inquiries.

To reset your PIN, text:

SSS RESET <SS Number> <Birthday MM/DD/YYYY> to 2600

Once you have your PIN, you’re ready to start using SSS Text Inquiry!

Handy Ways To Use SSS Text Inquiry

Here are some of the most useful keywords you can text to 2600 to get info back from SSS:

Check Your Payment Reference Number

To get your PRN, text:

SSS PRN <SS Number> <PIN> <Birthday MM/DD/YYYY>

You’ll get a reply with the PRN and amount owing for any months. Having your PRN handy makes it easy to pay contributions at authorized payment centers. No more guessing how much you owe each month!

See Your Contribution Status

Text this to see the number of contributions made and the date of your last payment:


It’s reassuring to get confirmation of all your payments over the years in one text. This can also help you spot any missed contributions. You can also check the SSS contribution table to see the payment schedule and amounts owed based on your income bracket.

Check Your Loan Balance

If you have an SSS loan, here’s how to check the remaining balance:


No need to dig up paperwork or count payments – SSS Text Inquiry gives you your current loan balance in seconds. Useful when you’re budgeting to pay off your loan faster.

Get Loan Application Status

To see if your loan app was approved and when, text:


Waiting to hear back on a loan application can be stressful. This lets you get status updates right on your phone so you don’t have to obsessively check your email.

Check Benefits Claims Status

You can also get the status of various benefit claims like:

  • Sickness – SSS STATUS Sickness <SS Number> <PIN>
  • Maternity – SSS STATUS Maternity <SS Number> <PIN>
  • ECMed – SSS STATUS ECMed <SS Number> <PIN>
  • Retirement – SSS STATUS Retirement <SS Number> <PIN>

And more! No need to make endless calls to check on your application. The status is right there in a simple text reply.

What If You’re Locked Out of Your Account?

If you find yourself locked out of your online SSS account, you can still access your information via text. The SSS text inquiry service is there for you even if you can’t log into your account on the website.

No Registration Needed For These Inquiries

Some handy text inquiries don’t even need registration. Just text the keyword to 2600 and pay the ₱2.50 (Globe/Smart) or ₱2.00 (Sun) fee.

  • Find a branch – Text SSS BRANCH <City/Zip Code> to get locations and addresses
  • Get requirements – Text SSS DOC + Benefit Type to see what documents you need
  • UMID, membership, data change info – Text SSS ID, SSS OFW, SSS SELF, etc for step-by-step details
  • Send feedback – Text SSS FEEDBACK <SS Number> <Feedback> to submit complaints or suggestions

Why Use SSS Text Inquiry?

  • It’s fast – Get answers in seconds, no hold times. Forget waiting on the phone!
  • Convenient – No need to login to website or visit a branch
  • Helpful when you can’t go online – Still get SSS info even without internet access
  • Works anywhere – As long as you have cell signal, you can text SSS
  • Saves time – Don’t waste time in lines or on hold, get info instantly
  • Provides peace of mind – Quickly check status for reassurance

So next time you need something from SSS quickly, don’t waste time in lines or on hold – just text them! SSS Text Inquiry makes getting your social security info way more convenient.

Need More Help?

If you have additional questions, you can call the SSS hotline number for assistance. And if you’ve forgotten your SSS number, there are ways to find your SSS number if it’s been lost. The SSS website has steps to retrieve your number if you’ve forgotten it.

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