SSS Contribution Table for OFWs in 2023

The Social Security System or SSS is a government agency in the Philippines that provides social security protection to workers in the private sector. This includes Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who are deployed abroad. As an OFW, you are required by law to be an SSS member and pay monthly contributions as an overseas Filipino worker. This ensures that you and your family can avail of benefits such as salary loans, pensions, and healthcare once you retire from work abroad.

For 2023, there have been changes to the schedule of contributions and payment deadlines that OFWs should be aware of. This article provides a guide to the updated SSS monthly contribution table for OFWs this year.

SSS Contribution OFWs Table 2023

The SSS contribution amount you need to pay is determined by your salary as an OFW. Refer to the following tables for the detailed SSS contribution schedule for OFWs based on salary range:

Range of CompensationMonthly Salary CreditAmount of Contributions
Regular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotalRegular Social SecurityWorker’s Investment and Savings ProgramTotal
Below 8,250₱8,000₱8,000₱1,120₱1,120
₱8,250 – 8,749.99₱8,500₱8,500₱1,190₱1,190
₱8,750 – 9,249.99₱9,000₱9,000₱1,260₱1,260
₱9,250 – 9,749.99₱9,500₱9,500₱1,330₱1,330
₱9,750 – 10,249.99₱10,000₱10,000₱1,400₱1,400
₱10,250 – 10,749.99₱10,500₱10,500₱1,470₱1,470
₱10,750 – 11,249.99₱11,000₱11,000₱1,540₱1,540
₱11,250 – 11,749.99₱11,500₱11,500₱1,610₱1,610
₱11,750 – 12,249.99₱12,000₱12,000₱1,680₱1,680
₱12,250 – 12,749.99₱12,500₱12,500₱1,750₱1,750
₱12,750 – 13,249.99₱13,000₱13,000₱1,820₱1,820
₱13,250 – 13,749.99₱13,500₱13,500₱1,890₱1,890
₱13,750 – 14,249.99₱14,000₱14,000₱1,960₱1,960
₱14,250 – 14,749.99₱14,500₱14,500₱2,030₱2,030
₱14,750 – 15,249.99₱15,000₱15,000₱2,100₱2,100
₱15,250 – 15,749.99₱15,500₱15,500₱2,170₱2,170
₱15,750 – 16,249.99₱16,000₱16,000₱2,240₱2,240
₱16,250 – 16,749.99₱16,500₱16,500₱2,310₱2,310
₱16,750 – 17,249.99₱17,000₱17,000₱2,380₱2,380
₱17,250 – 17,749.99₱17,500₱17,500₱2,450₱2,450
₱17,750 – 18,249.99₱18,000₱18,000₱2,520₱2,520
₱18,250 – 18,749.99₱18,500₱18,500₱2,590₱2,590
₱18,750 – 19,249.99₱19,000₱19,000₱2,660₱2,660
₱19,250 – 19,749.99₱19,500₱19,500₱2,730₱2,730
₱19,750 – 20,249.99₱20,000₱20,000₱2,800₱2,800
₱20,250 – 20,749.99₱20,000₱500₱20,500₱2,800₱70₱2,870
₱20,750 – 21,249.99₱20,000₱1,000₱21,000₱2,800₱140₱2,940
₱21,250 – 21,749.99₱20,000₱1,500₱21,500₱2,800₱210₱3,010
₱21,750 – 22,249.99₱20,000₱2,000₱22,000₱2,800₱280₱3,080
₱22,250 – 22,749.99₱20,000₱2,500₱22,500₱2,800₱350₱3,150
₱22,750 – 23,249.99₱20,000₱3,000₱23,000₱2,800₱420₱3,220
₱23,250 – 23,749.99₱20,000₱3,500₱23,500₱2,800₱490₱3,290
₱23,750 – 24,249.99₱20,000₱4,000₱24,000₱2,800₱560₱3,360
₱24,250 – 24,749.99₱20,000₱4,500₱24,500₱2,800₱630₱3,430
₱24,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱5,000₱25,000₱2,800₱700₱3,500
₱25,250 – 25,749.99₱20,000₱5,500₱25,500₱2,800₱770₱3,570
₱25,750 – 25,249.99₱20,000₱6,000₱26,000₱2,800₱840₱3,640
₱26,250 – 26,749.99₱20,000₱6,500₱26,500₱2,800₱910₱3,710
₱26,750 – 26,249.99₱20,000₱7,000₱27,000₱2,800₱980₱3,780
₱27,250 – 27,749.99₱20,000₱7,500₱27,500₱2,800₱1,050₱3,850
₱27,750 – 27,249.99₱20,000₱8,000₱28,000₱2,800₱1,120₱3,920
₱28,250 – 28,749.99₱20,000₱8,500₱28,500₱2,800₱1,190₱3,990
₱28,750 – 28,249.99₱20,000₱9,000₱29,000₱2,800₱1,260₱4,060
₱29,250 – 29,749.99₱20,000₱9,500₱29,500₱2,800₱1,330₱4,130
₱29,750 – Over₱20,000₱10,000₱30,000₱2,800₱1,400₱4,200

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To ensure that OFWs comply with the new SSS contribution rates starting January 2023, the following information should be noted:

  • OFWs who have made advance payments based on the old contribution schedule must settle underpayment or pay the corresponding increase to retain posting at the same MSC.
  • Failure to settle underpayment or pay the corresponding increase may render advance payment ineffective contributions.
  • OFWs must take into consideration the new contribution rates when planning their monthly budget and remittance options.
  • Compliance with SSS requirements is essential for OFWs to secure their future and avail of SSS benefits such as retirement, disability, and death benefits.

SSS Payment Deadlines for Overseas Filipino Workers

The payment deadlines for SSS contributions for OFWs are more flexible compared to locally-employed members. According to SSS guidelines, you can pay your SSS contributions for the whole year until December 31.

Specifically, the payment deadlines are:

  • Contributions for January to September of a given year can be settled up until December 31 of the applicable year.
  • Contributions for the last quarter months of October to December can still be paid on or before January 31 of the succeeding year without incurring any penalties.

This provides OFWs more leeway to pay their contributions annually or semi-annually. Just make sure to pay within the deadline to avoid any late penalties or interest. Don’t wait until the last minute to avoid long queues and processing delays at SSS branches.

Mode of Payment

As an OFW, you can pay your SSS contributions through the following modes:

  • Online – You can pay directly through My.SSS portal using your debit/credit card or through over-the-counter payments at banks, Bayad Centers, and payment centers worldwide.
  • Salary Deduction – Your employer can deduct your monthly contributions directly from your salary and remit it to SSS. This is applicable for land-based OFWs.
  • Self-Employed, Voluntary Members – You can file and pay contributions monthly or quarterly through the My.SSS portal.

Benefits of Being an OFW SSS Member

Here are some of the key benefits you can avail as an OFW contributing SSS member:

  • Retirement Benefits – You can get monthly pension after reaching age 60 and completing at least 120 monthly contributions prior to the semester of retirement.
  • Death Benefits – Your dependents will receive benefits worth up to P20,000 to P200,000 in case of your untimely demise as an OFW.
  • Disability Benefits – You can claim benefits if unable to work due to total/partial permanent disability.
  • Funeral Benefits – Your dependents can claim up to P20,000 for your funeral expenses.
  • Sickness Benefits – You can get cash assistance if unable to work due to illness/injury.
  • Maternity Benefits – Female OFWs can receive maternity reimbursement package.
  • Salary Loan Privileges – You can avail quick and easy salary loans and pay via salary deduction.
  • Calamity Loan Assistance – You can get loan assistance for repairs due to natural disasters.

So make sure to diligently pay your monthly SSS contributions as an OFW to qualify for these benefits. Check the updated SSS contribution table for OFWs this 2023 and mark your calendars for the quarterly payment deadlines.

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